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Employment Opportunities

  • The Number 1, the elegance of the men’s clubs in Melbourne, Australia

  • We are 20 min away from the CBD

  • We have a tucked away huge parking lot behind the establishment.

  • Most elegant and brilliantly clean rooms.

  • Private kitchen, three separate lounge rooms with a large TV

  • Very professional and flexible management

  • Private off site accommodation 

  • We are a licensed establishment, therefore it is legal to work in our establishment without having to register as a sex worker.

  • Unfortunately we are prohibited from advertising for sex workers.



Work in the Best Brothel in Melbourne 

The best employment opportunities should consider your overall welfare and your best interests. And you can find them here at the best brothel in Melbourne.  

Work in a place that you feel comfortable and secure. Earn a decent amount of cash. Kickstart an amazing career in a profitable industry with the best brothel in Melbourne: The Number 1. Let us take you to paths that open you to the perfect opportunity. This is your sign.  

If you need more convincing, here is what we offer to our employees.  

Working with Us  

Working in a brothel in Melbourne city opens you to great things. If you want to take an opportunity to earn all while having fun, then consider working at a 24-hour brothel in Melbourne.   

If sex is something you enjoy, and you know you can give the clients the fantasy they are looking for, know that this is a great career path. Don't believe everything they tell you about working in a brothel. You never know what treasures you’ll get here unless you experience it yourself.  

So, why choose to work with us? 


With a job as sensitive as this, we make sure that you are always comfortable. All our clients are checked before they are allowed to be with any of our ladies.  

We understand that your comfort is very important for the work that you do. So, if there is a client or request that makes you feel unsafe, our female management team will make sure to make things right.  

Our goal is to fully establish our name as the best brothel in Melbourne, not just for our clients, but also for our employees.  


We understand that not all clients are the same. Some might not be as pleasing to be with as others. For that, we make sure that our clients know their limits. We make it clear to them what they can and can’t do.  

We also help you gain and maintain regular clients to ensure that you have something, or someone, to do all the time.  

Health and Safety  

Working in a brothel in Melbourne city comes with risks. That is why we do what we can to ensure everyone is kept safe from any health and physical issues.  

We keep our establishment clean and orderly all the time. Our 5-star establishment is designed and maintained in the best condition to make sure that no harm will come to our clients and employees.  

To be the top brothel Melbourne has to offer, we make cleanliness a priority.  


At The Number 1, we want our ladies to be always safe. To protect them, we have security cameras and monitors to keep an eye on everything that’s happening in the area.  

As a 24-hour brothel in Melbourne, we are responsible for our employees’ security all day and night. We want them to feel safe and protected as they work.  

What we want is for everyone to feel welcome when working with us. We even offer airfare and accommodations for employees who are from out of town so they can get working in no time.  


Everyone works hard to make a living. And as the best brothel in Melbourne, we want to make sure that you are compensated for the work that you do.  

Our girls are paid the highest rates in Australia. We offer our employees the chance to earn great incomes in the hours they choose to work.   

Call Us Now!  

If you are looking to work in the best brothel Melbourne has to offer, you can call 0449625768. Get started on your career now! 

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